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Help + support for your healing + growth journey.

Trauma, stress, and overwhelming seasons of life don't have to define your future.

Hi, my name is Jolene Underwood. I love helping individuals move from the effects of trauma, stress, & overwhelm into a vibrant and more fully ALIVE life ~ as the person God designed them to be.

I offer Telehealth therapy services to adult residents of Texas. 
Inquire about virtual & in person intensive options.

My approach to therapy is designed to help you learn & develop skills that build new pathways in the brain, while also working with you to undo the impacts of stress, trauma, and overwhelm in your nervous system, mind, body, and heart. We can work together to help you experience healing at the root, while also building internal capacity for daily living.

Some of the clients I work with struggle with anxiety, depression, big and little "t" traumas, PTSD, C-PTSD, church hurt, church harm, spiritual/emotiona/psychological abuse and coercive control, compounded trauma, as well as difficulties in relationships, church communities, and a healthy sense of personal value & purpose.

In addition to helping individuals heal from the damaging effects of events that overwhelm us, I offer support for developing healthy ways of living and relating to self and others.

Take a step back and ...

...find a safe place to share your story and get help.

My services are all offered virtually via Telehealth. You can access therapeutic support from the comfort of your home or another private, safe space of your choosing. 

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I'm a trauma and abuse informed therapist who works from a holistic perspective to help you gain clarity and increase capacity for life's challenges.


EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, a type of therapy that helps individuals experience long-lasting healing from the effects of trauma and overwhelming life stressors. At it's core, EMDR uses activation of the right and left sides of the brain (through eye movements of tapping) to help individuals reduce disruptive thoughts and feelings associated with past events.

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Neurobiology is a growing field of study impacting counseling practices and treatment modalities. It includes evidence-based techniques rooted in neuroscience to help clients alleviate distressing symptoms and develop healthier patterns in the brain & body.  By using neurobiological research and methods in counseling practice, therapists have access to the latest scientific advances that inform therapy and healing techniques.

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Emotional Regulation & Distress Tolerance

Intense emotions can make it difficult to move forward in life the way you want to. Through a combination of treatment models, such as DBT and emotional coherence theory, clients receive skill training and support for dealing with distressing emotions. 

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Growth Model - Dr. John Townsend & Dr. Henry Cloud

Dr. Townsend and Dr. Cloud are well known as the Boundaries guys as they co-authored a series of books on Boundaries for a Christian audience. They have also developed a growth-model, which is taught at the Townsend Institute where Jolene received her MA in counseling degree.

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Now Serving Texas Clients

Jolene Underwood, MA, LPC-Associate is currently licensed in the state of Texas under the supervision of Tabitha Westbrook, LMFT (NC/TX), LCMHC (NC), LPC (SD/TX) (with The Journey and the Process). She serves adult residents of Texas virtually via telehealth. At this time, Jolene does not see children or adolescents. 

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NOTE: All services rendered by Jolene Underwood, MA, LPC-Associate, are under the supervision of
Tabitha Westbrook, LMFT (NC/TX), LCMHC (NC), LPC (SD/TX).